English Book Launch: Socialist & Democracy struggle

Date: 27 Sept (Thu)
Time: 7:30pm- 9:30pm
Venue: HK Reader Bookstore (7F, 68 Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mongkok)
Host: Socialist Action
Speaker: Vincent, Jaco (contributors to the new book Socialism & the Democracy Struggle)
Language: English with cantonese translation


Hong Kong is experiencing an unprecedented crackdown on democratic rights and political freedoms. Under China’s “emperor” Xi Jinping, seemingly set to rule indefinitely, the dictatorship’s control of   Hong Kong has become more intrusive, repressive and blatant with each passing month. China itself is experiencing the most severe crackdown on dissent since the end of the Tiananmen Square mass protests in 1989.
As this new book, Socialism & the Democracy Struggle, explains, Xi’s push for more control over Hong Kong stems from his fear the city’s democracy struggle could spill into China, igniting mass unrest that could ultimately topple the Chinese dictatorship.
This book outlines what socialists have to say about this struggle. It contains selected articles from chinaworker.info and activist group Socialist Action over several years dealing with the fight against dictatorship, the Umbrella Revolution, and the fight for universal suffrage. It argues that the democracy struggle can only go forward with a radically different approach. These pages present a left wing critique of the political position of the main pro-democracy politicians, the pan-democrats. Their wariness towards mass protest, blind hope in reaching compromises with an uncompromising regime, and their failure to link the democracy struggle to fighting Hong Kong’s corrupt capitalist system, are a brake on the movement. A fighting leadership and a strategy to link up with mass struggles in China is the way forward.


講者:Vincent、Jaco (《社會主義與民主鬥爭》投稿人)

本書概述社會主義者對民主鬥爭的看法。內容包括「中國勞工論壇」 網站及社運組織「社會主義行動」過去幾年的文章,提及到反國民教育、雨傘革命及對八九六四的分析。