Date:Wed, 6 Dec 17
Venue: 序言書室 Hong Kong Reader Bookstore (7/F, 68 Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mong Kok, Hong Kong)
Host: Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine & Cha
Speakers: Lucas Klein and Chris Song


In this Cha Reading Series event "When you Come to the Gates of Go", academics and translators Lucas Klein and Chris Song will each present and perform five poems of their own choosing, either in Chinese or English, which have been translated from another language. There will also be a discussion on poetry, translation and identity. Moderated by Cha's co-editor Tammy Ho Lai-Ming.

Lucas Klein (PhD Yale) is a father, writer, and translator whose work has appeared in LARB, Jacket, Rain Taxi, CLEAR, Comparative Literature Studies, and PMLA, and from Fordham, Black Widow, Zephyr, Chinese University Press, and New Directions. Assistant Professor at the University of Hong Kong, he is an executive editor of the Journal of Oriental Studies. His translation Notes on the Mosquito: Selected Poems of Xi Chuan won the 2013 Lucien Stryk Prize, and his October Dedications, translations of the poetry of Mang Ke, is now available. New York Review Books will be publishing his translations of Tang dynasty poet Li Shangyin, and his monograph, The Organization of Distance: Poetry, Translation, Chineseness, is forthcoming from Brill.

Chris Song, born in 1985 in Guangdong China, is now based in Hong Kong. Song is now Executive Director of the International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong, Editor-in-Chief of Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine, and Associate Series-editor of the Association of Stories in Macao (ASM). Song was poet/translator in residence at Bundanon NSW 2010-2011. In 2013 he won Nosside International Poetry Prize (Italy), Extraordinary Mention. He has published two books of poems and twenty-some books of poetry translation. Now Song works at the Centre for Humanities Research of Lingnan University (Hong Kong) as Assistant Editor of Journal of Modern Literature in Chinese, and is completing his part-time Ph.D. in Translation Studies at the same university.

Cha Reading Series {} takes the online journal out into the physical world. It brings together poets, writers, translators and artists who are in some way or other affiliated with Cha. Readings will take place in various impromptu locations across the city, in public and private rooms, lecture halls, on park benches, in front of billboards, next to a window scratched by tree branches. They will read their work informally or seriously. They will discuss issues, argue, debate and exchange. We also hope to form dialogue and explore specific pertinent topics that inspire or beset the contemporary world. Suggestions for future events can be sent to