Hong Kong's Table Talks

Date: 8 May 2019 (Wed)
Time: 19:30 – 21:00
Venue: HK Reader (7F, 68 Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mong Kok)
Host: Cha: An Asian Literary Journal 



Hong Kong’s food culture encompasses much more than just the stuff of sustenance but also informs fields as varied as class, community, gender norms, labour relations, government policies, civic identity, attitudes to life, and more. The city’s estimated twenty-four thousand restaurants and cafés are a taxonomy in themselves. Food is truly the nexus of family and community in Hong Kong.

In this Cha Reading Series event "Hong Kong's Table Talk", the invited speakers will talk about their experience of cooking and consuming food in the city. They will also talk about how food has inspired their creative writing, art and attitudes towards life. The reading coincides with the publication of the Spring 2019 issue of World Literature Today, which contains the magazine's first annual city, focusing on Hong Kong, especially its food and languages. 

If you would like to participate in this reading as a featured speaker, please write to Tammy Ho Lai-Ming at t@asiancha.com 

Cha Reading Series {http://bit.ly/2fnE9EE} takes the online journal out into the physical world. It brings together poets, writers, translators and artists who are in some way or other affiliated with Cha. Readings will take place in various impromptu locations across the city, in public and private rooms, lecture halls, on park benches, in front of billboards, next to a window scratched by tree branches. They will read their work informally or seriously. They will discuss issues, argue, debate and exchange. We also hope to form dialogue and explore specific pertinent topics that inspire or beset the contemporary world. Suggestions for future events can be sent to t@asiancha.com.